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1. Sign-Up for the trial to create your trial username and password. 2. Install Mobile Spy to your phone and launch the program. 3. Login to your account to view.

This is also a great tool by which to locate missing phones. Monitor Internet Use: Get a complete log of browser history and internet activities. Why is SpyMyFone the Best: No jailbreak necessary: This means that the target iPhone doesn't have to be jailbroken, and you instead receive the ID and password with which you gain direct access to it. This makes it untraceable. No need to install extra app: You don't need take the target iPhone at hand and install an app.

Blocking: You can remote control the target phone and block certain contacts, messages, or websites from the device, thus keeping your kid safe from the inappropriate or unsafe aspects of the internet. Part 2: Spy WhatsApp Online If you don't want to install or buy a tool or app, but would rather spy WhatsApp online directly, then a great site you can visit is wattsapp. Features: Call Tracking: Find out the users complete call history. Intercepting Text Messages: Watch text messages exchanged in real time. Also keep track of all messages sent, received, or deleted. Access to Gallery: View all the multimedia files currently in the phone or all the files ever exchanged.

Features: Call logs. Messages monitoring. GPS monitoring. Browser Incognito Mode. Contact monitoring. Blocking contacts, messages, etc. The message logging feature only works well on an iPhone or a Blackberry.

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